Below are some snippets from some stories we have done. Have a listen and enjoy!

Leo Turns 6!

Joanne asked us to create a story for Leo’s birthday.

Some things she told us about Leo:

  • He loves everything about Mexico, and is having a fiesta
  • He knows all about cars and taekwondo
  • He takes care of his little brother Harrison and they take dance breaks
  • Joanne ordered The Whole Kingdom Package!

Charlie and the Beanstalk

Laura asked us to tell Charlie’s favorite story.

Some things she told us about Charlie:

  • He loves to eat dinner
  • He wants to grow up BIG and STRONG!
  • He loves riding his blue bike that his Nana gave him for his birthday
  • Laura ordered The Cinderella Package

Chloe goes to the ball!

John asked us to tell the story of Cinderella.

Here are a few things we learned about Chloe:

  • She loves dressing up as a princess
  • She’s adventurous and loves to climb trees
  • She makes up songs and sings to her family
  • She loves animals
  • No guesses…this was The Cinderella Package!