Packages and Pricing

Making it easy… choose from two options!

Keeping your child entertained throughout the day without the use of a screen! You take care of dinner, we’ll take care of the rest.

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The Cinderella Package

Have your personalized fairytale ready in the time it takes for a pumpkin to turn into a carriage. Tell us a little about your loved one and we will tailor their favorite story, making them the hero!

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The Whole Kingdom Package

As trained actors, seasoned story teller’s and lovers of silly voices, we will create and narrate a completely fun, exciting and personalized story about your little one!

The Cinderella
  • Choose your story.
  • Fill out our form
  • Your child is the hero!
  • In 48 hours
  • Download your audio file
  • 5 minute story
  • Edits or changes?
  • No problem!
The Whole Kingdom
  • Choose your genre
  • Fill our our form
  • Your child is the hero!
  • Personalized story
  • In 48 hours
  • Download your audio file
  • Longer than 5 minutes?
  • Any edits?
  • No problem!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we choose any story? As long as it’s in the public domain and it’s not copyright protected, we can do it! Generally speaking, the older the story the better!
Do you only do stories for children? Not only do we do stories for children but we can also design a story for your partner, best friend, family member or boss!
How and when do I get the audio story?We send you an MP3 audio file within 48 hours direct to your email address.
Does it matter where I am in the world? Not at all! We send our stories via email so location is no barrier.
What if I need the audio story quicker than 48 hours? Send us an email and we will be happy to do our best to work with your timeline!

My two listen to their stories every single night. It’s amazing to hear them giggling away when they hear their names. So grateful for these stories keeping them company as they go to bed!

Joanne Marcus