Make Your Child the Hero in Their Favorite Story

Ever wish there was an audible specially made for your child? We create a custom narration of your child’s favorite story!

What’s the story?

We do all the work. You simply tell us your child’s favorite story and a little about them and we will send your personalized story straight to your inbox

Step 1

Tell us all about your child and their favorite story.

Step 2

We will adapt the story to create an exciting, custom tale with them as the hero!

Step 3

We send you the audio file so your child can listen to it over and over and over again!

“My little Chloe LOVES hearing her name in Cinderella. My only complaint is that I have had to listen to it 400 times since!!”

Lauren Weir

Our aim by putting your child in their favorite story is to make your day a little easier! With screen-free entertainment at your fingertips, timetotellastory will give you a hand whether you’re in the car, when it’s dress up time or needing a little extra help to soothe at bedtime. With hundreds of options to choose from or creating a story from scratch, you’ll never be stuck for a story!

About Us

Once upon a time Robert and Dayna, two youngsters (ok, Rob, you’re a youngster too!) from England and Ireland respectively, met in the beautiful city of angels. They each loved to play, and with backgrounds in acting & children’s theater, and a passion for narrating exciting stories, they fell in love. They have so much fun together and love telling tales using silly voices. Rob even says Dayna has the gift of the gab… which is nice, we think!

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